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I found absolutely fast this is picture a my grandson who was named call know what you think about something call was born last year along with $250 million other babies on the planet what are the odds that my grandson would be the cutest wonderful what the odds yeah there are a lot of misconceptions people have there's a lot of misconceptions even vegetarians that one misconception is that adults live allot longer today than they did in nineteen hundred you heard statements like that all you live a lot longer today but is a true vs. information comes from the Center for Disease Control this looks at how long do people live when they're sixty five yr when there file another with an adult at sixty-five years old how long can they expect tulip can for making 100 and 85-year-old could expect with four more years today an 85-year-old can expect to live five more years so an 85-year-old can expect with about a year longer.


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