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Uni - Tech Rural and Urban Development Society

Purpose : Upliftment and development of weaker section of societies in the urban and rural sector.

Purpose : Upliftment and development of weaker section of societies in the urban and rural sector.
Aim/Objective/Mission : To seek promote and develop co-operation to radicate poverty .
To assist facilitate and promote the efforts of the poor and weaker men, women and children to raise their standard of living.
To provide relief and shelter to the people affected by terrorism in the state.
To protect wildlife across the country.
To protect water resources and water bodies located across the country.
To offer the much needed moral, spiritual and ethical guidance with faith,hope ,love and above all unfliching belief in the progress of mankind.
To establish women welfare centre throught Jammu and Kashmir state as a local body help all the welfare scheme in the area.
Our social welfare schemes and programmes include family welfare, women and child welfare, adult education, prohibition and to fight against other social evils as dowry, drugs edition etc. Balvidya, youth labour camp, shishu health kendra, arts and crafts centre, small scale cottage industries, orphanages, child institutions, nutritious food distribution centre for city children and village industries.
To organise children camp exhibition, picnics , environmental studies, seminara, training camps, courses workshops and even bharat darshan tours.
To associate with philanthropic person, medical practitioner, social leader, labour leader, business magnates and social workers.
To affiliate with state, central govt. departments and institutions and international organisations.
To organise relief work in emergencies like drought, famine, floods, epidemics and such other natural calamities ny setting ujp clinics, relief camps.
Writers, artists forum to generate interest and awareness in social works and national integration.

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Add: 30-A Gandhi Nagar Jammu , Jammu , Jammu and Kashmir, India, 180004

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