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I think obit and physiology of it as well halide actually works cytoskeleton muscle auction it's first of all know that the skeletons going to provide movements because for a swimsuit another provides skeletal moves uh... I should say I attach it to the skeleton aunt using skeleton lenders to move the bond rent is also going to maintain posture contradiction support yourself tissue guarded entrances and exits the body would be better are singers things that circles of muscle that to guard entrances and exits for kids in also helped maintain bottom temperature uh... meaning that the more actively on the moral muscle work the more inner-city neighborhood Annenberg energy there also politically heat by-product so that's how they'll help us to maintain our temperature me I’m his skills in life about this figured produce defective is in your text but I also included wrong.

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NEWYORK, NEWYORK, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India, 10012

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