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Swapan Sansar Infrastructure Pvt Ltd

Swapan Sansar Property Dealer Bihar Sharif, Real Estate in Bihar Sharif Nalanda, Buy Flats & Plots in Bihar Sharif,Nalanda Real Estate

The Basic Need of human life is Food, Shelter and clothing, But due to black marketing it is going to beyond of limit for middle & lower middle class family.

Real Estate company helps the public to reach the basic need of grain items for their daily life, so we extant them to get the agricultural land, and advice them in agriculture. By the by we are helping them to buy and sell the lands. We help the public to improve in industry by getting lands, the garments factories and help them also to sell the garment factories. We advice the people to get the best house and housing plots and also extend our help in selling their properties.

Real Estate business is the back bone of India, this industry is one of the ideal business to promote the country. We can say this is also a noble business which is extend to the public
For this noble business some people work has a mediator between buyer and seller without license, and gain a name as broker, which is not suitable identification. This lower grade of identification have been embalmed in the heart of people because Broker makes the property rate high which comes under beyond limit for lower middle class family. And due to this reason costumer afraid to buy/sell property.

Ms/ swapan sansar infrastructure pvt. Ltd. was founded by group of experts from industry. Registered with registrar of companies Act 1956 in Bihar to reduce the property rate by reducing the brokerage fee. Here you think how the company reduce the property rate,for understand these thing first you understood these points.

For any property dealing three people are involved.
Seller (Owner of property) :- Always in loss because he lose their valuable property.

Buyer :- Always in loss because he lose a lot of money.
Broker :- Always in profit because he gain a lot of money without investing any money.
According to a survey report in this type of property dealing the sale value of property is increases by minimum 40%.Ex. if the sale value of any plot by owner is Rs 100000/- then it reached to buyer on approx. Rs 140000/- that means Rs 40000 goes to broker .If seller directly sell his plot to buyer at Rs 120000/- then both are in profit 20-20 thousands.

Swapan sansar started in Bihar with same motto that is reduce brokerage fee and directly interact the costumer to seller at only 3.09% service tax. As well we should note a point that real estate business have not got any encouragement and lows from Central Government and State Government.

Call Now for More Details : 06112-632157, 7488550372, 9631124126 or mail us at : swapansansarbiharsharif@gmail.com
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Mamta Complex, Amber Chowk, Bihar Sharif , Bihar Sharif, Bihar, India, 803101

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