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Offer Distributership for Tile Adhesive in Rajkot Airson Chemical

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kig7019Airson chemical Works is one of the largest constraction chemicals Provider in Panjab, Maharastra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, MP, Uttar Pradesh, UP and South India. Airson's manufacturing products like N.S.A. wall tile adhesive, NSA Floor tile adhesive, Ready mix plaster, Ready mix mortar, Block mortar, Airson Wall putti YOU CAN USE FOR TILE ON TILE APPLICATION. FOR LAYING TILES ON WALL, SURFACE SHOULD BE SUFFICIENTLY HARD AND FREE OF DUST. ALWAYS TRY TO ADD POWDER TO WATER AND NEVER TRY TO ADD WATER TO POWDER. ADD SUFFICIENT AMOUNT OF POWDER IN TO WATER. DO NOT ADD EXCESS WATER. NEVER ADD CEMENT AND SAND TO AIRSON TILE ADHESIVE. TILE ADHESIVE IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR TILING ON GYPSUM PLASTER,PAINT,WOOD AND METAL SURFACE. DO NOT USE FOR VERTICAL CLADDING OF HEAVY STONE AND TILES. Surat, Gujarat, India contact Mo. 9726807434

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Rajkot, Gujarat, India, Rajkot, Gujarat, India, Gujarat, India, 360005

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