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Kajaria Galaxy Patna

Buy Kajaria Tiles from exclusive Showroom from Patna - Kajaria Galaxy Patna

A state-of-the-art tile showroom that offers widest range of designs and patterns. The first of its kind showroom in Bihar to offer space of imagination for the house of your dreams.

Be it technology, research, design or quality, Kajaria has set its sight on all these factors adopting new production techniques in order to enhance the quality of its products. Due to creativity and design ability of our team, our design comprises both innovation and exclusivity.

Leveraging the two invaluable assets - the Kajaria brand and unparalleled, multi-layer distribution network - to expand the product bouquet to cater to the growing aspirations of the discerning Indian customers.

Call Now for More Details : 06123210316, 8757555222, 9771280357 or mail us at : kgalaxypatna@gmail.com
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RPS more, Saguna, Danapur Patna City, Patna City, Bihar, India, 800014

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