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Bill Discounting

Bill Discounting

A bill discounting is a process that involves effectively selling a bill to a bank or similar entity for an amount that is slightly less than the par value and before the maturity date associated with the bill of exchange. The debtor tenders payment to the new owner of the discounted bill in the full amount agreed upon originally. This approach allows the issuer of the bill to receive cash before the actual due date associated with the bill, while also allowing the buyer to make a modest profit on the cash advance extended to the billâs originator.

One of the easiest ways to understand how bill discounting works is to consider a bill of exchange issued by ABC Company to its client, XYZ Company. ABC Company decides to cash in the outstanding bill in order to make use of the revenue now rather than later. To this end ABC approaches a bank with an offer to sell the bill for 90% of the par value.

The bank looks over the transaction and decides the deal is viable. Upon approval, ABC receives 90% of the par value of the bill and instructs XYZ Company to remit payment to the bank. Once the bank receives full payment from XYZ, the deal is considered complete.

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